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Originally Posted by Paul D
A few times recently my mobile has rung once and then stopped (no message

Just now it happened again so I called the number back (masking my CLI
first). An announcement came on: "welcome to the privacy network. That
number is no longer in use". He then gave out the url of a 'privacy number'
website which I won't give out lest I get accused of spamming!

Basically the website gives you a free 07xxx xxx xxx number which you can
then divert to your actual number. It's only for people to call you and it
doesn't mask the CLI of your actual number when you dial out.

God knows how much it costs to phone one of these numbers. Also, how can I
have been called by a 'privacy' number when the announcement says that you
can't use it to call out?

Is this just a scheme/scam to tempt people into phoning the number back and
then signing up for a privacy number? (I'm sure it is!).

The number was 07096 809 401. Hopefully I haven't been charged an
extortionate amount to phone it.

Has anyone else had these one ring calls? Very annoying. Is there anything I
can do about it?


I'm afraid that yes, it appears to be a scam. You are charged a fortune to ring the number back. I have logged a complaint with my 'phone company and with BBC's Watchdog.

The number 07096807698 rang me twice then stopped. Like you, I thought it might be a friend trying to reach me but when I called it I got the same message as you did (to visit; however I was charged 75p for the call and only in the second call did I realise this. I sent an email to their contact address to complain and ask why a number no longer in use is calling me and can I have my money back please. I doubt I'll get it! I suggest you log a complaint with your mobile company to start with and see what they advise.