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Default Mobile faster than wi-fi in many countries

In message , Java Jive
Note the slovenly misdescription in the title and throughout the
article, for 'WiFi' read 'landline'.

"Speed tests in 80 countries revealed wi-fi was left lagging in 33
nations, according to wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal.

Mobile data should also get a further speed boost when 5G networks
arrived, it said.

Wi-fi remained the fastest way to go online in most countries surveyed,
including the UK and Ireland."

I agree it's _slightly_ sloppy usage, but the first line of text in the
article is the caption to the header picture, which specifically says
"wi-fi via a fixed line".

The whole thing seems to be a relay of a report (press release?) from
"wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal.". I sense it's not
entirely objective - for example, <<OpenSignal said phone-makers needed
to "ensure they do not accidentally push consumers' smartphones on to a
wi-fi network with a worse experience than the mobile network". That
doesn't take account of the fact that most wi-fi networks are unlimited
usage, whereas most mobile data is paid (either by amount of data, or at
least has a daily/monthly/whatever cap), so using wifi where available
may be wise. (Besides, I think even my Android 4.2.2 has "use wi-fi
where available" as an _optional_ setting, i. e. can be turned off.)
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