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Default Mobile faster than wi-fi in many countries

On 28/11/2018 12.57, Martin Brown wrote:
On 26/11/2018 17:01, J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:
In message , Java Jive
Note the slovenly misdescription in the title and throughout the
article, for 'WiFi' read 'landline'.

"Speed tests in 80 countries revealed wi-fi was left lagging in 33
nations, according to wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal.

Mobile data should also get a further speed boost when 5G networks
arrived, it said.

Wi-fi remained the fastest way to go online in most countries
surveyed, including the UK and Ireland."

I agree it's _slightly_ sloppy usage, but the first line of text in
the article is the caption to the header picture, which specifically
says "wi-fi via a fixed line".

The whole thing seems to be a relay of a report (press release?) from
"wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal.". I sense it's not
entirely objective - for example, <<OpenSignal said phone-makers
needed to "ensure they do not accidentally push consumers' smartphones
on to a wi-fi network with a worse experience than the mobile
network". That doesn't take account of the fact that most wi-fi
networks are unlimited usage, whereas most mobile data is paid (either
by amount of data, or at least has a daily/monthly/whatever cap), so
using wifi where available may be wise. (Besides, I think even my
Android 4.2.2 has "use wi-fi where available" as an _optional_
setting, i. e. can be turned off.)

The one that is critical is do not allow insane sized operating system
upgrades to download whilst on a paid for by volume of data connection.

My own 3G connection will run 20Mbps at home whereas my best fixed line
is 5M and for most rural domestic users round here 1-2M is more typical.
So apart from the data charges which sting a little 3G is way faster
(and 4G is a distant pipe dream - most masts here are still EDGE 2.5G).

Well, my WiFi does at most 45 Mbit (with a 600 Mbit land line). So 4G,
with a theoretical speed of 301Mbit, is faster than my WiFi - unless
there are many phones in the area actively using internet, because the
speed is shared.

Many people have such slow WiFi. And even slower if living on a flat
(apartment): 1 MB is typical.

Yes, it is possible to purchase access points using 5 Gh and improve speed.

Cheers, Carlos.