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Default Mobile faster than wi-fi in many countries

In article , Martin Brown

Well, my WiFi does at most 45 Mbit (with a 600 Mbit land line). So 4G,
with a theoretical speed of 301Mbit, is faster than my WiFi - unless
there are many phones in the area actively using internet, because the
speed is shared.

That seems insanely slow WiFi speed for such a fast landline.

Many people have such slow WiFi. And even slower if living on a flat
(apartment): 1 MB is typical.

If there are zillions of users all fighting for the same channel 11 as
BT used to by default set them up to do then you can get a huge slowdown
due to collisions. I persuaded my nearest neighbours to use channels so
that people on the same channel are separated as widely as possible.

Yes, it is possible to purchase access points using 5 Gh and improve speed.

Most ISP provided modems are capable of 5GHz operation and 802.11n these
days - maybe you should ask your ISP to replace your antidiluvian unit.

while 5ghz is certainly preferred, 802.11n @ 2.4gz would be faster than
his 45mbit.