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Default Mobile faster than wi-fi in many countries

On 05/12/2018 15.51, nospam wrote:
In article , Carlos E.R.

In the meantime, in the real world, people don't 'wait' when they're
copying files, they just do something else.

they might not sit and watch the progress bar, but they do have to wait
until the copy has completed to continue, whether it's removing the usb
stick, unmounting the external hard drive, or others being able to
access the files on the server.

No such problem. Just use a proper multitasking and multiuser operating

you're missing the point.

And for backup there's this
thing called 'unattended backup'. I hope nospam doesn't mind that while
I'm typing this, my unattended backup is running. Can't wait - oops,
make that: don't have to wait - till it's finished.

missing the point entirely, as usual.

copying a 2 terabyte drive (which is small these days) via usb 2 takes
roughly a day (been there, done that). that would take a couple of days
over 100b-t network.

Ha! My laptop doesn't have a 2 TB disk. So, again, not an issue. :-p

it's just one example, and i didn't say it was *in* a laptop.

Ok, my desktop does have gigabit.

2tb drives are usually external, although some laptops do have 2tb
internal drives.

not that it matters, since even copying 2 gig of stuff, the difference
in time is significant.

tl;dr - there is no reason to use a slower link when faster ones exist,
which are standard on almost all hardware.

Yes, money! $

Cheers, Carlos.