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Default Mobile faster than wi-fi in many countries

In article , Martin Brown

Atheros and Broadcom are chipsets of choice for Apple compatibility. The
bugs that cause trouble seem to be in multicastDNS variously called
zeroconf, Rendezvous or Bonjour. ISP supplied routers are notorious for
not doing it very well which leads to unreliable Apple (& Naim) kit
operation. If you only have PCs then it isn't a problem.

not true. mdns is used by more than just apple and whether it works
correctly is a function of the router's firmware, not the chipset used.

The chipset is a part of it though - for some reason the canonical
firmware implementation on Atheros and Broadcom chipset based devices is
considerably more Apple friendly than with other chipsets. I'm not
saying you can't find a bad implementation on them only that all the
reliability problems I have seen with Apple kit seem to come from
routers that use certain chipsets (irrespective of their firmware).

apple isn't doing anything unusual.

i have a wide assortment of routers and have yet to find *any* problem
with apple in particular.

there are ****ty routers out there, but they'll have problems with more
than just apple devices.

the biggest problem i've seen is that some of them have a horrible user
interface, which can sometimes be remedied with alternate firmwares.

where it's a problem is across vlans, but very few people have vlans,
other than a guest wifi network which is usually set up as a vlan.

Some powerline devices despite using Atheros chipset have botched mDNS.

Marvell chipset is a bit too new to be sure whether it is good or not.

Chipsets to avoid with Apple gear are Realtek and Ralink.

also not true.

If you are having problems with Apple gear and a specific router it is a
reasonable heuristic to take a look at. There may well be good router
implementations on these chipsets but I have yet to see one. I have seen
plenty of instances of Apple kit being tetchy about what it talks to.

i don't know what you've seen, but i've yet to see a router that has
issues with only apple and nothing else.

again, apple is not doing anything unusual, other than being compliant
with the standards.

And you
absolutely need a solid implementation of mDNS in some flavour.

that part is true. mdns is *extremely* useful.

The key being that it needs to be rock solid or things will break.

no different than anything else, and break doesn't necessarily mean no
functionality at all.