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Default Mobile faster than wi-fi in many countries

On 06/12/2018 17.22, Frank Slootweg wrote:
Martin Brown wrote:
On 05/12/2018 20:08, Frank Slootweg wrote:
NY wrote:
"nospam" wrote in message
how old is this mystery laptop that it doesn't have gigabit?

computers, servers, etc made in the past decade (actually longer than
that) have gigabit, which means it *will* saturate the network.

that's why many nases have multiple gigabit ports or 10gig-e ports,
because gigabit is a significant bottleneck. 100bt would be a disaster.

When did Gigabit become standard? Both my Win 7 desktop and my Win 7 laptop
have 100 Mbps Ethernet, and the laptop's wifi is only 2.4 GHz and can't use
5 GHz, but it is wireless N. I imagine that was a typical spec at the time,
but things have moved on since then.

I'd estimate that desktop is 2008 and laptop 2009 or 2010, but I could be

Don't worry. You're just living in the real world. My 2015 mid-range
laptop also just has 100 BASE-T (and Wireless N).

FWIW, I just checked two of our biggest webshops and even for dektops,
out of 20+ selection criteria, hardwired LAN speed isn't even a
selection criterium and in the individual specs, it's most of the time
not even mentioned, i.e. just 'Ethernet'. Kind of shows how relevant
Gigabit Ethernet is in the real (consumer) world.

That's because 10/100/1000 has pretty much become the default now. They
would only shout about it if they offered anything faster.

Note that nospam mentioned "computers, servers, etc".

It's probably true for "servers", i.e. (mostly) professional use, but
that's not the topic of this thread, nor of this group.

The "computers" part is desktops and laptops and this (sub)thread is
mainly about laptops (nospam telling Carlos what's 'wrong' with his
system(s) and network).


As I said, my 3 year old mid-range laptop does *not* have Gigabit
Ethernet. A new comparable laptop - same (major) brand/range and similar
price - *does* have Gigabit Ethernet, so AFAIC nospam's claim "made in
the past decade (actually longer than that)" is way over the top. Not
that that's unusual in any way, but still. (Anyway, it's a bit silly to
talk about the 'neccessity' of very high *hardwired* network speed for a
*mobile* device such as a laptop.)


So back in the real world, mere mortals like Carlos, myself, etc.
don't have nor want/need gigabit all over the place, just because nospam
thinks it's a more-than-a-decade-old must-have.

Oh, I do want gigabit! But I'm not going to scrape all that slower
hardware at a whim, I need all that money! Now, if I get a few kind
donations... X-)

Corporate kit that is being retired at present is gigabit capable eg.

Exactly *corporate* *desktop* kit and it's probably being retired
after only a few years, *not* "made in the past decade (actually longer
than that)".

Actually, on several of my jobs I had to cope with ancient and
anti-powerful hardware - forgive my inventing a word right now :-)

In fact, only on one of my jobs I had decent hardware.

And available refurbished at very reasonable prices.

Cheers, Carlos.