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Default Faster battery drain when roaming?

On 06/01/2019 18:47, MB wrote:
On 06/01/2019 16:30, S Viemeister wrote:
On 1/6/2019 10:16 AM, Woody wrote:
On Sun 06/01/2019 14:42, Someone Somewhere wrote:
There are effectively 3 lists of networks stored in the SIM -
preferred, don't mind and banned with the first and last being
actual lists (and the third inferred by non-inclusion in the
others).* In the UK all the other networks are set up as banned on
the SIM so it never tries to attach - this is presumably done for a

Er, what about those sites in places like the NW of Scotland where
limited UK roaming is applied automatically?

Whereabouts in the NW? I haven't noticed that around the Kyle of Tongue.

I was wondering also.* I think there was talk about it a few years ago
but I did not think it got any further.

I would think it is not too difficult to set up so a phone will register
on any network to make an urgent call.* But then having handover between
cells on a different network and receiving calls from your own network,
might be more complex.* When does the phone decide to go back to its own

It's not that it's difficult - your phone is always "roaming" in that
it's attached to a visited location (a group of cell sites) rather than
the home location (which is the big database in the core network).
Whether or not the visited location belongs to the same network as the
home location is irrelevant (subject to interconnect agreements, which
generally have to be there so calls work at all between two networks,
and commercial arrangements which are the stickier bit).

What's difficult is, as you allude to, is things like handover - within
the same network there are special procedures to maintain the call which
only work in the same location or with special links between the
locations. In the case where there are multiple networks that you can
attach to at once, none of these "specials" work, so whilst an incoming
or outgoing call will "just work" it will only be maintained if you
don't change networks during it (and data will similarly drop).