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Default Landline use falls

Theo wrote:
R. Mark Clayton wrote:

Why might that be?

Lots of reasons:

- inclusive minutes on mobiles
- relatively cheap PAYG mobile mins (3p/min with O2 and Three)
- Ofcom forcing down mobile termination fees (enabling the above)
- Facetime/Skype/WhatsApp/etc over-the-top calls
- international calls via calling cards/specialist SIMs/VOIP providers
- business VOIP
- people using their mobiles more for everything else, so why not calling?

It's rather curious that wholesale prices to call a UK landline are ~0.2p/min
(hence all the cold call scams) but retail prices from a PSTN phone are 100x
that. Seems that BT et al take a lot of the blame for this death spiral.

But in reality if you have ADSL/FTTC and thus need a landline the
*extra* cost of adding some sort of call plan is usually not all that
much so calls from a land line are just as cheap if not cheaper than
calls from a mobile.

I use 3's 1-2-3 plan PAYGO on my mobile but make calls from home using
the land line, for me it's cheaper that way round. The alternative
would be to get a monthly plan for my mobile (with inclusive calls)
and discontinue the land line inclusive calls.

Chris Green