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Default Landline use falls

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IME NHS hasn't yet left the mode of "we send letters because we have to"

even when they make call/send texts as well

When I have my six monthly blood tests, I am uninterested in the result
unless it is adverse. At which point the practice send me a letter
telling me to make a appointment to discuss an urgent (FSVO) matter.

they could just as easily send me a text or an email. And they could let
me access my results from their online portal

none of which they seem capable of doing

In other businesses, I suspect a QA audit would probably require
notification in some form whether positive or negative result.

As I say, I have no interest in a negative result

I am not going to make an appointment each half year just to be told no
change. It wastes my time, it wastes the doctors time.

In all of my dealings with NHS they seem unwilling to send out results by
post. You have to have them read to you by a doctor, sometimes by a
flipping hospital doctor.


I have mentioned before I did not receive a letter about a hospital
appointment, the letters ask to ring to confirm but if you do not call
them then they presume you can attend.

On one occasion I got the "your appointment is next week" text also asking
me to reply to confirm attendance

I'm sorry Mr NHS, but this is stupid. I spend so long on the waiting list
to get the appointment in the first place I don't think that it's sensible
to cancel it if, for some reason, I didn't get the text, or failed to fully
understand the instructions.

I suspect that I wasn't the only person who feels this way, so they haven't
done it again

That would probably fail a QA Audit anywhere else.

There is more at stake with medical appointments than most other activities.
To err on the side of caution for no response, seems the most appropriate
thing to do