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Default Routers

Following on from a current thread in uk.telecom.broadband entitled "How
do most people manage IP addresses on their LAN?", which mentioned
DrayTek routers quite a lot, and another in which I mentioned that I'd
just managed to acquire a Virgin Data SIM with unlimited downloads for a
really good price per month ...

I now find that my DrayTek Vigor 2830n has lost its WiFi. I am familiar
with these losing knowledge of their WiFi capabilities after a soft
reboot, evidenced when they comes back up by the disappearance of the
Wireless LAN option in the LH menu, and which can be cured by
power-cycling them, and which was supposedly cured - but in fact not
completely so, it still happened, but less often - by a firmware
update. However this is not that problem, the menu option is there, but
there is no WiFi, nothing can connect to it and WiFi Analyzer on my
tablet sees nothing coming out of it at all. I've tried taking off the
cover and reseating the wireless unit in its connector, but no change,
so, unless anyone can suggest differently, I guess it's just died.

So I'm looking for a new or decent second-hand (used) router which:
* Is for the UK market and available here
* Supports A/VDSL, Data SIM (perhaps via USB), & cable WAN
* Has WiFi to n or ac standard
* Has at least three or four Gigabit LAN ports
* When in LAN DHCP mode, properly supports local DNS
* Is affordable, say ~< £150 new, half that used.

Does anyone know of such a wondrous beast?