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On 10/02/2019 14:20, Java Jive wrote:
On 09/02/2019 11:52, Andy Burns wrote:

MikeS wrote:

Andy Burns wrote:

Java Jive wrote:

Does anyone know of such a wondrous beast?

plus a USB dongle for 3/4G and whack openWRT on it.

Thanks.¬* Got it for under a tenner inc P&P :-)¬* Got to be worth it even
if only on an experimental basis!

I use OpenWRT but not with a USB dongle. As far as I recall it is
possible but only after a complicated install of several extra packages.

Choose a dongle you've seen someone else has working.

I already have a Huawei E3372, which I'm hoping will work.

And the HH5a is on the list, as far as I'm concerned it *is* the
wonderbeast of openWRT devices, all gigabit ports, internal ADSL/VDSL
modem, dual band "ac" wifi, USB port ... all for £5

Yes, got to be worth a try before lashing out on anything more expensive.

Yes you need some linux knowledge, but I'm sure Charles can handle
that, you need to be able to crack open the case and solder the serial
console connection, but if your eyesight isn't up to that just buy one
of the £20 pre-hacked versions that are also plentiful on eBay.

That's not so good¬* -¬* these days it's not so much eyesight as
steadiness of hand with the soldering iron.¬* Even the Cisco LinkSys
WT320n with a standard pitch edge connector was a little fraught, but,
anyway, when it arrives, I'll see what I can do with it.

Soldering the serial is difficult, I ended up pulling a bit of the
circuit board when the wire I attached got moved. There is a non solder
method using cooking foil and sticky tape which I will try next. I also
ended up with a HH5B when the box I bought on ebay was not precisely
described and I was not careful enough to check properly.