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Default Pairing Win 7 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 via Bluetooth

On 07/03/2019 21:52, Roger Mills wrote:

Does it need to be bluetooth?

Perhaps not. I'll explain my need and see what others suggest.

There is in my wider family's safekeeping, but which rightfully belongs
to me, a very beautiful antique book, which because of an unforeseen
horrendous problem I've decided must be sold to fund my house
renovations, but, beforehand, I'd like to photograph the hand-painted
pictures that it contains. I had considered scanning it, but it's too
big, so some of the images would need to be scanned piecemeal, and I'm
worried that the book might not survive such rough handling as to be
perched on a scanner.

So I've decided to try and photograph it using my tablet. I'll
construct some sort of frame to hold the tablet securely a suitable
height over the book, and try and find a suitable source of
illumination. The need therefore is a way of controlling the tablet's
camera from a PC, either via WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB cable.

After managing late last night to pair the tablet with one of my W7
laptops, I tried some software called Camera Remote PC Sync (on the PC)
and Camera Remote (on the tablet). This pair of apps are supposed to be
able to connect either via Bluetooth or WiFi, but if the PC side tries
to connect to the tablet side via WiFi, the tablet app bombs, so it has
to be Bluetooth. I could do the job with this software, but it would
require a great deal of time and patience, because it's clunky in the
extreme - the PC window is too big for the height of my laptop's
screen even though that is fairly standard dimensions for a laptop
screen; some of the dialogs have black text on a black background; you
can only download one picture at a time, not mark a whole lot of them
and download them all at once, and each time you do a download, the
software begins by defaulting to the User's folder on the C: drive, thus
necessitating a wearisome navigation back to the D: drive to save it
where I actually want to save it; etc; etc!

So if anyone here can suggest suitable software to allow a PC to control
an Android tablet's camera relatively painlessly, I'd be very grateful
to know.