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Default Pairing Win 7 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 via Bluetooth

On 08/03/2019 21:51, Roger Mills wrote:

On 08/03/2019 19:50, nospam wrote:

for the best results, don't use a tablet. use an slr and a copy stand
or better yet, have it scanned by a professional lab who specializes in
such things, who will have a scanner that's both big enough and
designed for books which won't damage it.

I have a tablet, I do not have any of the other stuff, and cannot afford
anything better, because as much money generated from this sale as
possible has to go on the house. As it is the round trip to pick up the
book, photograph it, and take it to the auction house will likely cost
at least £200 in fuel even at LPG prices. There will be further fees
for provenance, valuation, auction, etc.

but if you're committed to doing it yourself with a tablet, just take
the photos of each page using the tablet without involving the computer
at all, then after everything has been copied, connect the tablet to
the computer and copy all of the photos.

No, I need to see each picture on a decent screen as soon as it is
photographed or scanned, so I can be sure it's good enough before going
on to the next.

I would agree with all of that.

Sorry, but I wouldn't. I put this question to the ng after much
thought, and am not interested in solutions involving much further

If you *must* use a tablet, why not control it with a selfie-stick
rather than trying to control it with a computer? Simply store all the
images (or batches thereof) on the tablet, and then transfer them using
a USB cable or FTP over WiFi.

I had thought about a selfie-stick held by something like a chemistry
lab retort stand, but I don't know where I'd borrow one of the latter.