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Default Pairing Win 7 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 via Bluetooth

On 08/03/2019 22:23, J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:

Yes, I did wonder why you can't use a camera. If this book is worth
enough to fund house developments, then even buying a camera ought not
to be out of the question - you can always sell it again afterwards; if
you buy second-hand (after all, you don't need modern gimmicks like face
recognition - and I suspect you don't need multi-megapixel, either: I'm
guessing these are to go on something like ebay), you shouldn't lose too
much. Or you could maybe hire one, but I have no knowledge of that.

I used to be interested in photography, and had all sorts of expensive
gear included telephoto zoom lenses, etc, but when I wanted to sell it
all after it had lain idle for a while, the interior of the most
expensive lenses had acquired slight fungal growth, vastly devaluing
their worth so that the sale still wasn't enough to buy my first PC. I
already have too many expensive things like musical instruments at risk
of a similar sort of fate. Just now, I have to make sure that every
penny I can raise goes on the house.

And if you must use the tablet, with the software you have, then rather
than resetting it every time to put the images on D: where you want
them, let it put them where it wants on C:, and move them all in one go

The C: drive is, of course, the system drive, and I'm trying to keep it
under 64GB, so there isn't a great deal of spare disk space on it.
Also, it looks as though I might have to reimage it before long, so all
in all I don't want to save any data there. Also, I don't want to rely
on such crap software anyway. I'd rather find something similar that is
written by someone who has some idea of how to write something that
works properly.