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Default OT - GSM Roaming in Mexico - Not

"tim..." wrote in message ...


I have a basic phone - a Samsung GT E-1200i which I happily roam around the
world with (voice and text only - obviously)

but not when I got to Mexico - no signal for the whole of my time there.

I have an Asda PAYG SIM in it. My data phone, with the same SIM type
worked perfectly, so that's not the issue. (but unfortunately no-one has
that number to call me on, so I don't get incoming calls on it)

I note that Mexico uses GSM 850/1900 not the 900/1800 used in Europe, but
then so does all of Central America and the phone worked perfectly well
when we travelled into Guatemala.

What is special about Mexico that stopped me from roaming there?

are there any other (especially Central/South American countries) that I
will suffer the same problem. I have a few more planned for my forthcoming

GSM is being decommissioned in a number of countries outside of Europe - I
hit problems with no service in Singapore and Australia in 2017. I believe
the USA has/is also switching off its GSM networks.