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Default OT - GSM Roaming in Mexico - Not

On Thursday, 28 March 2019 17:33:33 UTC, tim... wrote:
"Someone Somewhere" wrote in message
On 28/03/2019 13:17, tim... wrote:

I have a basic phone - a Samsung GT E-1200i which I happily roam around
the world with (voice and text only - obviously)

but not when I got to Mexico - no signal for the whole of my time there.

I have an Asda PAYG SIM in it. My data phone, with the same SIM type
worked perfectly, so that's not the issue. (but unfortunately no-one has
that number to call me on, so I don't get incoming calls on it)

I note that Mexico uses GSM 850/1900 not the 900/1800 used in Europe, but
then so does all of Central America and the phone worked perfectly well
when we travelled into Guatemala.

Not necessarily true - according to Wikipedia (and some other sources),
Claro offer service on GSM 900 in Guatemala, wheereas there are no Mexican
operators that have service on 900/1800 which I believe is all the
frequencies your phone supports.


I did wonder about that but I didn't find the full phone specification
anywhere when I first looked

not helped by the model number being displayed nowhere except for about half
a second when you turn it on and it took me 7 on/off cycles to capture it

Time for a new phone then

(what I need is a smartphone that isn't the size of a brick - and under 200


Samsung J series or just Google SIM free phones on CPW (maybe not buy from them though).