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Default POTUS's Tweets

On Mon, 3 Jun 2019 19:29:10 +0100, Malcolm Loades

On 03/06/2019 19:04, MissRiaElaine wrote:
On 03/06/2019 18:06, Woody wrote:
On Mon 03/06/2019 16:28, MissRiaElaine wrote:
On 03/06/2019 14:59, MB wrote:
The media are making a lot of Trump busy typing his Tweets about
London's useless mayor as his aircraft came into land at Stanstead.

Is it not more likely that he had typed them on his Blackberry
earlier and they were transmitted as they came into range of the UK
mobile network?

I couldn't give two hoots about Trump or any of his rantings. It's
through him that I'll never be able to visit friends in the States
again. I refuse point blank to give 5 years history of my email
accounts and phone numbers to get into the country. I'm not sure I
even remember what phone numbers I had 5 years ago.

I think, Ria, that you have got the wrong end of the handle. AFAICT the
queries are only voluntary and are selective on people with Arab or
Islamic connections. They don't require history, only your social media
names and your latest employment and as I said it is voluntary.

Or are you a clandestine member of ISIS which none of us knew?

See he

Unless I'm missing something..?

What I think you're missing is that UK citizens don't need a visa to
visit friends in US unless the visit is longer than 90 days. Thus they
aren't asked these questions.

They don't need a visa, but they do need an ESTA. There's a question
about your social media accounts on the ESTA application, but it's