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On 08 Nov 2019 14:43:48 +0000 (GMT), Theo

In uk.telecom.broadband AnthonyL wrote:
Move on to about 4 years ago and the struggling ADSL was still the
best on offer from BT. Patchy 3g was around but INEEDBROADBAND came
in with a 10-20Mbps wireless. Quite expensive but there were a number
of small businesses and affluent home owners around. So what happens
shortly afterwards, no not even FTTC but FTTP. I can't even get that
in a suburb on the edge of the city!! My friends don't know what to
do with the speed ~100Mbps.

So the moral seems to be - force BT's hand by showing willing

Anyone else experienced similar?

I think FTTP gets used when there isn't a suitable FTTC solution. We could
have 'up to' 2Mbps ADSL on copper (3.5km from the exchange by crow), and
evidently this wasn't really good enough. So FTTP has been strung along the
same poles, providing (tiers up to) a gigabit service.

Meanwhile the villages around are on ~30Mbps FTTC, presumably because that was
cheaper and quicker for Openreach to deploy. The 'superfast broadband' box
has now been ticked, so no need to provide them with a faster service.

The village/hamlet is basically on a single dead end street at the
start of which are the existing BT cabinets. Nothing is more than a
mile away and the cabinets themselves are about 5km (cable route) from
the exchange. The general expectation was FTTC and I imagine most
would be delighted with 20Mbps-30Mbps. Getting FTTP was somewhat a
surprise and as an outsider I'm bemused.

The households are fed from overhead as well even if the main feeds
are underground.


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