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Default Open Letter To Mobile Suppliers

On 07/11/2019 19:52, Tweed wrote:
Java Jive wrote:
On 07/11/2019 18:10, Tweed wrote:

What’s wrong with Vodafone’s unlimited plans? £23/month speed capped at
2Mbit/second, £26/month capped at 10Mbit/sec, £30/month no speed capping.
You can get a “Gigacube” from them, which is a consumer friendly router,
though admittedly it is a bit expensive. It’s a rebadged Chinese product,
so doubtless you can get it elsewhere. Contract dearer then Three, but not
unreasonable if you can get Vodafone but not Three.

I didn't find anything meeting the criteria I gave in the open letter
when I searched the Vodaphone site a month or so ago, and the only
current plan less than £25 pcm is speed capped at roughly the speed we
already get for less via landlines around here. Also, it probably
didn't help that the site locked up my browser so I had to reload it
disallowing JavaScript, but today it seems to be working alright.

You said around £25. £26 is near enough, and £10 Mbit/sec is not that bad.
Vodafone’s unlimited offering has been around since about September.

There's also an unlimited deal with IDmobile (Three network) for £25pm

Or Smarty (also Three) for £22pm

Or Voxi (Vodaphone) for £30pm

All are 30 day contracts so can ditch them if you don't like the service.