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Default Open Letter To Mobile Suppliers

On 12/11/2019 13:00, MB wrote:

On 08/11/2019 13:10, Java Jive wrote:

However, I'm trying to get local residents some meaningful *choice*,
hence my open letter to mobile suppliers as well.* Better mobile
schemes would be a third choice:

You have to remember it will be completely unprofitable for the mobile
provider unless someone subsidies them.

Nonsense, EE have to upgrade for the national emergency services
network, and others have to follow lest they lose rural custom to EE.
Hence, although coverage is a little patchy here, the only national
carrier network that still has inferior coverage, no 4G, is Three.

Given that they've got the coverage, it makes sense for them to provide
plans that enable people to use it more effectively.

Some years ago we did a contract for one mobile network which involved
auditing all the equipment on some sites.* We went to one remote site on
the West coast - I don't think there were any buildings in sight. We had
to switch off so we could pull cards out so called up their control. The
reply was that they were not bothered because there were only ####ing
sheep around there to use it so no one would notice.

That suggests an attitude problem with inexperienced but arrogant staff
at the company, rather than reality.

It sounds rather like staff at Tesco Customer Services refusing to allow
deliveries to us because their software calculates distances as the crow
flies rather than as the road winds, and so always fobbing us off by
telling us to go to Ullapool. Ullapool is indeed closer as the crow
flies, but there is a deal of the finest Scottish geography and geology
between us and there, and for fully half the distance the road is
single-track with passing places to allow vehicles travelling in
opposite directions to pass by each other! Thus not only is Dingwall
actually nearer by road, but the road is better quality, and it takes
about two-thirds, perhaps a bit less, time to drive to Dingwall as to
Ullapool. Despite this, we only finally got deliveries here when I and
another guy wrote to Head Office pointing out that their broken software
was creating postcode lotteries, and would they please get Dingwall to
deliver to us?! The result has transformed my life, no longer do I have
to spend three or four hours doing a weekly or fortnightly shop, at a
cost of about £15 in fuel, and that's LPG. Now I spend between about
£2-5 on a picking/delivery charge, and ten minutes receiving and
checking the delivery and putting the stuff away.