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Default New idea from OfCom

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I see today that OfCom are intending to make it an offence to supply
mobile phones that are locked to a network. Specifically this means
Tesco Mobile, and VF.

Strangely however I don't think that is correct unless they mean only
phones. In my limited experience of VF years ago their PAYG were locked
but their contract phones were not. EE will unlock a PAYG f.o.c if
requested at the time of purchase.

I don't see how this works with contract phones at all

Yes if I sign a deal to pay 50 pounds a month for 24 months for an
iPhone 11
(I checked) and I take out the SIM, put in a cheap PAYG SIM at the end
month one and stop paying the 50 pounds

What are the original network going to do?

Yes they can sue me, but mobile devices are bought by transient people.
There's no guarantee that they can find me.

And as the phone isn't on their network anymore they can't block it

What am I missing?

They can block it, just like any stolen phone (using the IME number I
believe which is handset specific, not network related). If you’ve taken
out a contract they will have your bank details and home address too.

Yep. They're chase you for breach of contract.


but my point was about people who make that hard for them, by closing their
bank account and moving house