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Default If not the default, what free Android keyboard are you using & why do you like it?

On Sat, 21 Dec 2019 16:46:56 -0000 (UTC), Arlen Holder wrote:

It seems there's Flesky, Gboard, Swiftkey ... and then all the rest.
o Hence I'll test out Flesky & SwiftKey.

But, before I do, I ask for advice from those who know more than I do:
Q: *If not the default, what keyboard are you using & why do you like it?*

For those who want to download the supposed "top 3" non-google keyboards:
o <
o <
o <

Of those three, only "SwiftKey Keyboard" doesn't have ads, so, it's likely
to be the _only_ reasonable choice; but let's see.
o How to change the keyboard on your Android phone
1. Download & install the virtual keyboard of your choice.
2. Settings System Languages & input Virtual keyboard
3. Your newly installed keyboard will _not_ be in this list
4. Press "Manage keyboards"
5. Your newly installed keyboard _will_ be in this list
6. Toggle the newly installed keyboard from "off" to "on"
7. You may see the warning:
This input method may be able to collect all the that you type,
including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers.
It comes from the app Fleksy. Use this input method?"
8. Press "OK"
9. Use any app (e.g., SMS) that opens the keyboard
10. Tap the tiny keyboard icon in the bottom-right corner of that keyboard
11. All keyboards toggled on will show up in a "Change keyboard" screen
12. Choose the desired keyboard
13. Tap the keyboard you want to switch to
Voila! You've changed your default keyboard.

To return to the original or other keyboard, repeat as needed.

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