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John Kilbride May 25th 11 06:09 PM

John Kilbride
Anyone considering going onto an Orange PAYG contract do so at your Peril,
and I do not state this lightly in view of my experiences with them !
They make the contract up as they go and if you question their Business practices you are treated with contempt, I have made a few Top-Ups and as fast as I can put the money in it is gone . (it is like putting money into a Bottomless Pit)
Any having problems getting their address contact :-
Orange, Nexus House, Senhouse Road, Darlington, County Durham DL1 4YB
Call 01707 315000
Fax 01707 319001
If you can get any sense out of them your a better Man than I !
Good Luck - You will need it .

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