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Claire A January 2nd 15 10:39 PM

Orange has taken 50 from me for phantom data usage and treated me with contempt
Hi there

So I cannot really believe the experience I have just had with Orange. I have been with them for 15 years (they supply my home phone, broadband, mobile phone, the lot) and have never had any problems with them or had to dispute any charges on my bill to the point where I never even bother to read an itemised bill. It was to my great surprise then that as a result of a cursory look through my bank statements for the year I discovered they had charged my 75 for the month of May rather than the usual figure of around 25. Assuming that this was just a mistake that they would rectify straight away I called them up to let them know. When I did so I discovered that I had been charged 50 for data usage while away on business in the US. When I told them that that must have been a mistake because I always turned data roaming off the moment I landed abroad they refused to accept what I was saying. Thinking I must just have come through to a particularly poorly trained customer service operator I asked to be put through to his Supervisor. When I did so his response was: "Can I ask you what you think that will achieve?". Shocked by his response I said please put me through to your Supervisor straight away, to which he replied: "I'm not going to be dictated to like that." I then asked for his name and said I would be making a complaint about the way he had spoken to me. However, when I was put through to his Manager I did not get much better treatment. When I told him that the previous operator had been very rude, he said to me: "Well I actually don't manage that member of staff and his manager is currently not here so I wouldn't be able to speak to him about it and only one in ten calls are recorded so there isn't much we will do about it." I then told the Manager I would like a call back from the previous operator's manger to discuss the way I had been spoken to and asked him to handle my query. Again, on this occasion, I was made short shrift off with the Manager not accepting a word I said. When I asked him if this was the way Orange handled all customers who disputed a significant amount of money that had been taken from their account he delivered the immortal line: "Of course, we're not going to just throw money at you!" - it was truly shocking. At this point I said I would not be speaking to him about this any more either and asked to be given a call back from his Manager. After a subsequent exchange where he accused me of being rude to him by talking over him and not allowing him to speak and trying to fob me off by saying his Manager wasn't in for a week I eventually managed to make him agree to arrange the call back which I await with interest. So as a customer of 15 years I have - as another poster said - been treated with contempt by Orange for the outrageous request of having 50 of my money returned to me for services I have not used. I have already been told that unless I can provide evidence that it was "impossible" for me to have used this data (by getting up at 4:41am in the morning and turning data roaming on on my phone to access the internet on my very slow old BB rather than using the free hotel wifi service on my super fast macbook pro instead) that the charge will stand. As I pointed out to the operator I was speaking to, if that is the case then what is to stop Orange/EE from taking any amount of money from my bank account on subsequent trips abroad? Even if I turned my phone off for the whole trip (I have a pay as you go mobile for the states) or left it at home in my flat they would still require proof that it was "impossible for me to have used my phone" - ergo they can take any money from me while I am abroad that they like and I will have no come back whatsoever. It's a license to print money for Orange/EE if ever I heard of one! So my position now is - in order to protect myself from future theft of my money - am I within my rights to cancel my contract with them? Surely charging you for a service you have not used is a breach of the T&C's of the contract we signed? Any advice anyone can give would be most appreciated!

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